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List of current and upcoming programs

Rotary International President-Elect Mark Maloney

Rotary Institute

Rotary Institute brings current, past, and future RI Officers and senior leaders from one or more zones together to inform Rotarians on the latest Rotary developments, including policies and programs. Participants share information, exchange ideas about Rotary International (RI) and The Rotary Foundation (TRF), highlighting successful efforts in their zones, thereby building new connections and fortifying old ones in the process.

The governors-elect and their spouses prepare for RY 2019-2020.

Governors Elect Training Seminar

The Governors-Elect Training Seminar (GETS) forms the foundation for the International Assembly (IA) training of the Governors-Elect. The program will focus on Rotary as a global organization, motivating and inspiring Governors-Elect through discussions, activities, and updates on Rotary Initiatives.

Truly, the Governors-Elect Training Seminar prepares the incoming class of governors to successfully lead their districts during their year of service.

Governors Nominee Training Seminar

The Governors-Nominee Training Seminar (GNTS) helps governors-nominee learn about their district as they begin preparing for their roles as Governors-Elect and as Governors. At this regional meeting, Governors-Nominee discuss effective planning strategies and best practices on topics relating to Membership, Finance, Communication, District Calendar, and other governor nominee responsibilities. These topics build on program design, and topics that are discussed during the Governors-Elect Training Seminar.

District Trainers Training Seminar

District Trainers are essential in the development of our new leaders. They share their experience and provide skills that help Rotarians excel. District Trainers support the Governor-Elect by training the incoming club and district leaders. They also provide continuing education for Rotarians.

The District Trainers Training Seminar’s (DTTS) program focus on the skills needed to be an effective District Trainer and allows trainers to share their experience and knowledge.

Regional Rotary Foundation Seminar

Regional Rotary Foundation Seminars provide an opportunity for district leaders to learn more about a wide range of foundation topics, to share ideas, and to boost support for our foundation by giving insights into its objectives, as well as providing updates on policy changes and goals. It is also a great opportunity to connect with each other for future collaborative foundation service efforts.


Delegates will enjoy playing in Villamor Air Base championship golf course on November 27, 2019 in the Institute's golf tournament organized by Philippine Rotary Friendship and Golfing Fellowship, Inc. (PRFGF).


The Zone Institute is an annual event that brings together past, present and future district governors and senior leaders from one or more zones, to share information, exchange ideas about Rotary International (RI) and The Rotary Foundation (TRF), and build new connections and fortify old ones.

Manila Marriott Hotel
2 Resorts Drive, Pasay City, Manila 1309 Philippines



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